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3 Benefits of Having an Underground Electric Dog Fence Installed by a Professional Company

March 27, 2024

An underground electric dog fence is a terrific way to ensure your beloved family dog remains safely on your property. With an electric fence, your dog is less likely to run away. This can be a crucial thing to have in your yard, especially if your dog has no ID tags. According to Lost Pet Research & Recovery, only half of all pet dogs have tags that identify them. If you are considering having an underground dog fence installer place one on your property, here are three of the primary benefits of doing so.

1. Your Dog Learns Its Acceptable Limits

An underground fence is a lot like having an invisible leash for your dog. Instead of using a traditional fence to enclose your dog and seal off your yard, an underground fence uses an electronic signal to communicate with a collar worn by your dog. If you purchase your dog fence from Dog Guard of South Carolina, your dog will be trained to stay within its boundaries without triggering the collar. Mr. Dubis will spend up to (3) hours with your dog during this process. The underground fence will help protect your pet against wandering off your property as well as staying away from other areas of your yard such as flower beds, etc., if you should decide to also cover these areas.

2. There's No Harm to Your Pets

You won’t have to worry about any potential harm done to your pet dog or any other animals with a professional dog fence installer. The collar worn by your dog weighs less than 2 ounces (approximately the weight of (4) ordinary ink pens). The goal is to have your dog respect the boundaries while at the same time not to scare your dog from using their yard. When done correctly your dog learns to avoid unpleasant things such as a correction, while allowing your dog to have access to your entire yard or wherever you want to set the boundaries of the electronic fence. The unseen fence creates a very real but equally unseen barrier that works through the day and night any time of the year.

3. You Don't Have a Physical Fence to Maintain or Repair

There is no cost for installing a physical fence such as a metal, wooden, or composite fence that requires maintenance and repairs over time. A professionally installed underground dog fence makes it easier and faster when cutting your grass as well as expanding the accessible area for entertainment.

When a professional company such as Dog Guard of South Carolina places the fence on your property, the dog fence installer is trained to protect your property and make your yard look clean and neat when completed. A blade designed for your soil type (soft or hard clay or frozen soil) will be used for the installation. The goal is to bury the direct burial wire to a depth that will prevent damage from aeration, the weight of a vehicle, or other potential causes of damage.

Underground electric fences can be a very useful tool for training and keeping your dog safe. Playing outside has benefits for the entire family including your pet. Your pet gets a physical workout as well as a mental workout while keeping them out of harm's way, especially if they live in a high-traffic area.

Call Dog Guard of South Carolina today to learn more or schedule a visit from Linda who will be glad to answer questions on the phone including pricing or set up an onsite visit to discuss in person. We also are glad to provide you with people who have our fence. More than likely we have people in your area who can talk to you about our products and training for your dog.