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How Does an Invisible Fence Work?

January 16, 2024

Invisible fences remain a top choice for pet owners. These fences help preserve the visual appeal of your yard while keeping your dog confined so they can stay safe. You will be full of questions if you’ve never had one of these fences, so let's review everything you need to know.


When most people envision a fence, they picture one around the entire backyard. These dog fences are customizable to keep your pet from danger in the yard or ensure they don’t dig up your new garden. On the other hand, you can also have the fence circle your entire backyard area to give your furry friend more room to play. This customization aspect truly helps set invisible walls apart from other types.

Corrected Behavior

The underground fence also has a transmitter, which is usually somewhere inside the home. When the dog, or the collar the dog is wearing, gets too close to the fence, the collar emits a correction to let the dog know to stay in the confined space. Different levels of correction can be used. It’s best to start on the most minor correction level and slowly work your way up. This teaches your dog to stay within their restricted area!


Invisible fences have remained popular for years. According to Forbes, the original invisible fence goes back to 1973. Many homeowners prefer these because they can be moved and are effective. We offer same-day training services to help you learn how to train your dog using our fence and to ensure the best possible outcome for your four-legged family member.


There are several myths surrounding dog fences that we need to address. The first one is that these fences make dogs more aggressive. This usually happens when owners turn the correction level too high, which is why we offer same-day training. Another common myth is that the correction is cruel and extremely painful. It feels more like when you get shocked by static. While it is unpleasant, it’s not inhumane, and it quickly teaches your dog what not to do.

We understand you’re full of questions about our dog fences and same-day training, so our professional team can answer any questions you have. Contact Dog Guard of South Carolina when you’re ready to learn more!