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How an Electric Dog Fence Keeps Your Pet Safe

January 16, 2024

Your dog is more than just a pet in your home; they are a furry, four-legged family member. We understand why their safety is so important to you, which is why we've developed electric dog fences and offer easy installation. There are several ways this fencing option can help protect your pet.

Eliminate Wandering

Pets are bound to get curious and want to stray off. Dogs who get excited will see something outside the yard and instantly want to check it out, like a squirrel or rabbit. However, this can be dangerous because dogs may not be able to find their way back home. According to Lost Pet Research & Recovery, 14% of dogs go missing within five years of being brought home. You can eliminate this risky behavior when you opt for electric dog fence installation!

Maintain a Safe Area

The very nature of electric fences helps keep dogs safe. Dogs often want to go over, under, or through an object blocking their path. This is especially true if a dog sees something they want to get. However, electric fences aren't a massive wall of wood, so dogs won't be able to get through. This helps keep them in your yard where they are safe.

Customize Your Barrier

Electric fences are designed to be customizable. You can speak with electric dog fence installation professionals to ensure that the fence blocks off areas in your yard that are unsafe for pets. For example, you may want to keep your dog confined to a specific yard section or ensure they can't go near the leech field to dig in it. This helps protect your pet from everything that can be a hazard, including things in your yard.

Get Personal Training

An electric fence requires little training to ensure dogs understand what is happening and how the new barrier works. The pros will help you train your pet to ensure they are safe. This helps prevent unwanted behavior and encourages your dog to listen. Your pet is safer when adequately trained because they are less likely to run off when you take them for walks or to the veterinarian.

Electric dog fences remain the best way to properly train your dog and keep them safe when you let them outside. We'll work with you after the electric dog fence installation to ensure the best outcome for you and your pet. Contact our team at Dog Guard of South Carolina today to learn more.