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Dog Guard of South Carolina  Serving Upstate South Carolina and the Midlands.


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Dog Guard Batteries

Your Dog Guard receiver's battery should be changed every 6 months. We offer the following battery plans and single battery purchase options. Our battery plans cover a 1 year supply of batteries.

Choose Option

Nylon Cloth Collars


Probe Set

Set of replacement probes for Dog Guard collar.

- 2 stainless steel probes
- 2 plastic washers
- 2 metal washers


Splice Kit

Includes 2 splices, 2 splice caps and about 3 feet of wire.

Price: $25

Chew Guard

Price: $20

Room Transmitter


Receiver + Collar Set (with 2 Batteries)

- Receiver
- Nylon Collar
- 2 Batteries

Collar Size
Collar Color

Battery Plan Details

On our 2 and 3 year battery plans, the 1st year's supply of batteries is mailed immediately or upon a requested date. The next year's supply will be automatically mailed out at the end of the previous year. You will receive an option to re-enroll in our battery plan with the shipment of your final batteries. We will send a reminder email or postcard every 6 months (unless otherwise requested) as a friendly reminder to change the battery. Total cost is paid in advance. If there is a reason you do not need additional years of batteries, we will refund the amount not used.

A Note on Break-Outs

We have been in business since 1992 and have found that approximately 23% of dog break-outs are because of low voltage batteries. Many times homeowners will wait until the battery stops working. As the voltage drops in a battery, it will decrease the intensity of the correction which is being discharged. There is a risk your dog will become aware of this and challenge the system. We appreciate your business and want to keep your dog contained 100% of the time. This is one strategy to reach that goal!