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3 Things to Look For in an Electric Dog Fence Company

March 27, 2024

A dog fence that uses coded electrical signals instead of physical barriers is the most effective way to keep your dog safely corralled on your property. According to Lost Pet Research & Recovery (lostpetresearch.com.), only between 10%-30% of lost dogs are returned to their owners. A quality electric dog fence (commercial grade) installed by a reputable company (BBB Accredited Member) and solid Google reviews is your best bet to keep your pet(s) safely contained on your property and save you money. Listed below are (3) things to look for in an electric dog fence company to get the best results.

1. Quality Equipment

DMR Trenchers are manufactured in the USA. Their attention to diligence when designing their equipment makes them one of the most sought-after trenchers in America for installing dog fence wire.

Their BCS Hydro 739 Trencher includes various blades to meet distinct types of soil. The BCS commercial grade Trencher can cut through rocks, heavy underbrush, and roots while only leaving a narrow slice cut in your yard. The trench is 3-4 inches in depth and the width of the cutting blade is ½.” In most cases, the cavity is unnoticeable when the job is. Trenching blades vary in width from ¼” (carbide tooth) to 3/8”. We use the appropriate blade based on how soft or hard the soil is.

If the soil is too soft, an aggressive blade will tear up the ground, and if the ground is baked hard a less aggressive blade will not penetrate the soil to protect your wire from arreation. Once the wire is securely in the ground our installers will blow off the small amount of soil on top of the ground thus leaving a cut almost unnoticeable to many of our customers. A fully decked out DMR trencher with all accessories can sell for over $10,000 and in most cases only companies who are well established will invest this amount of money.

2. Adjustable Levels for Electronic Collar Correction

The Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing system has diverse options available to our customers. Our Options (4) include different electronic collars that have voltage ranges from (0) volts up to 14,000 volts, which Tough Dog receivers generate.

Most systems sold in retail stores or on the internet will have (5) settings with the most voltage in the four thousand–5000-volt range. The Dog Guar Tough Dog electronic collar is rated as the highest correction collar in the marketplace. Our thorough training educates the homeowner and the dog(s) to ensure the collar is appropriate for the dog and effective while protecting your family pet. Chuck Dubis, the co-owner of Dog Guard of South Carolina has trained every dog (over 6,000) since beginning the dealership in 1992.

3. Capable of Protecting Property Areas

One of the wonderful things about the electronic dog fence system and installation is that it goes virtually anywhere a narrow trench can be dug. Dog Guard has installed systems enclosing over (60) acres. Areas this large usually will go over hills, water crossings, and densely wooded areas.

The BCS Hydro 739 Trencher (mini tractor) does this with ease. Its dual-wheel drive can climb hills, move in a forward or backward direction, and allow the user to move the driving handle to avoid objects. The system can seal off swimming pools, driveways, heat pumps, flower beds, and other locations around your property where you do not want your dog to wander.

If you are looking for friendly and experienced dog fence experts, we can be reached (7) days a week and we will be glad to answer any of your questions, schedule an on-site estimate, or schedule a dog fence installation service. Our systems have solid factory warranties and we guarantee to contain your dog.

Our lifetime training warranty also assures you how serious we are about our guarantees. If your dog ever breaks through our fencing system and it is determined the system is working properly, we will do an on-site visit and if necessary, work with your dog to retrain your pet to the Dog Guard system at no cost. Turn to our team for quality dog fence installation.