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Squashing 4 Myths Surrounding Electric Fencing for Dogs

December 11, 2023

Installing a dog fence is an exceptional way to teach your dog to stay safe within the boundaries of your yard. According to Fortune Business Insights, the worldwide electric fencing market will grow from $321.1 million in 2022 to $484.2 million by 2029. That's because more pet owners realize how easy it is to keep their furry friends safe with this option. In this article, we'll explore common myths surrounding electric fences.

1. Collars Are Dangerous

There are several myths surrounding the collars that dogs wear for electric fencing. Some people believe these collars cause burns on the animal, but they do not. Collars emit a small fraction of the energy necessary to cause a burn. The collars are also not known to cause abrasions when adequately cared for. Another common myth is that the batteries are known for leaking, which is false.

2. Aggression Will Increase

Another common myth about electric dog fences is that these fences will make dogs more aggressive. However, that usually only happens when the fence is not used correctly. Electric fences have various correction levels. Using a correction level that is too high can make your dog act more aggressive. If you notice aggression in your dog while using a fence like this, consider turning down the correction level.

3. Low Levels Don't Work

Many pet owners see increased aggression in their dogs because of another common myth: the belief that low correction levels are ineffective. This myth tells pet owners they must use a high level of correction to train their pets, leading to aggression. The lowest correction grade can be used for most small or medium-sized dogs. Pet owners should always start on the lowest level and work their way up to train their pets.

4. It's Not Effective for All Breeds

Many pet owners believe electric fences only work for specific breeds. That's because every species has its own temperament. Some breeds may be more strong-willed than others. Training these breeds can take longer, but it is possible. This type of dog fence suits every species and every size dog.

Electric fences often get a bad reputation because of these myths. However, they are safe, effective, and suitable for every breed. Contact us today to learn more about your future dog fence.