Customer Testimonials

Bob and Mardi Redden

"We have been beyond pleased with our Dog Guard electric fence system. With two dachshund puppies and living on the lake, we did not want a true fence. With just the minimal amount of training the dogs have fully adapted to the fence and it is just wonderful not to worry about them leaving the yard. Chuck and Kendria are just great and knowing they are only a phone call away should something happen with the system, is very comforting. It is absolutely the best thing we ever did and I would highly recommend it to anyone who has dogs."

-- Bob and Mardi Redden
Adele L. in Iva, SC

"Chuck is experienced and knowledgeable. We had a situation that needed immediate attention. The fence work and training of our dogs was completed the same day. I do recommend this service. "

-- Adele L. in Iva, SC
 Bernie G – Greer, SC

"Excellent quality, customer service and value for the money. Dog Guard-Everything you would ever want to know about pet fencing, dog training, and then some! Chuck’s top priorities were to get the job done right and the pets properly trained. When an irrigation line was cut due to being improperly installed, Chuck went to the hardware store, bought the parts needed and did the repair. We are very pleased with the end result and now have peace of mind that comes with knowing our pets can be let out but contained within the confines of our yard. "

-- Bernie G – Greer, SC
Liz – Anderson, SC

"When we adopted a young, grown German shepherd, we knew he would need lots of yard space to run. But we didn’t want a traditional fence to mow around and to block vehicles. Wondering if an underground electric fence might work, we called DOG GUARD of SC and set up an appointment. In about half a day, Chuck and his staff not only installed the fence, but trained our very large dog and us too. We’ve been amazed at how well the DOG GUARD system works, how affordable a large area is, and how quickly our dog was trained. Chuck taught us how to communicate with our dog. I would highly recommend DOG GUARD Out Of Sight fencing to anyone.Thank you DOG GUARD!"

-- Liz – Anderson, SC
Jennifer W.

"Chuck, Thank you for coming out so promptly and for your assessment and fast repair of our fence due to our extensive landscaping. I can confidently recommend you and DOG GUARD Out of Sight Fencing. I appreciate your professionalism and your calm way of how you are able to communicate with our beloved dog. You are an amazing dog trainer!"

-- Jennifer W.

Amy B.

"We have had our Dog Guard Fence for over a year now. We love it! We have 2 large dogs that took wee to the almost 2 acre fence. Chuck’s install was tailored to our needs and his training with us and our dogs was great!. I have been very satisfied. Chuck’s training to help me communicate with my dog was very helpful."

-- Amy B.
Jennifer Dolan

"I wasn't sure if this would keep my big dogs in my yard when chasing squirrels.....especially one of my stubborn dogs....but decided to try this and I will say it was one the best investments I have I feel like I don't have to worry about my dogs getting in trouble ....any one with big out door dogs ....I would recommend dog guard !!!! "

-- Jennifer Dolan
Frankie Sue King

"I have two Dalmatians, who love to chase squirrels and run wide open. I also have an English Bulldog. With Chuck Dubis' help and Dog Guard Fencing, my pets are safe within my sight. I have seen several dogs get hit in front of my house, and I have peace of mind with my out of sight fencing that it doesn't happen to my dogs. Money well spent. "

-- Frankie Sue King
Kathy Knox Cordell

"We had the best experience using this company. The installer Chuck Dubis is very Knowledgeable with the product and dogs. He explain how to train our dogs and they actually knew their boundaries within a,few days. He has called several times to check to see if we are having any problems. I would highly recommend this company. "

-- Kathy Knox Cordell
Margaret C. – Travelers Rest, SC

"The work was done quickly, leaving no mess when the job was finished. Chuck Dubis was great. He explained everything very clearly. We also added indoor barriers to prevent the dogs from going upstairs and running out an open front door. The only con is I feel the prongs on the collars are a little long. I feel the same results can be had if the prongs were shorter. "

-- Margaret C. – Travelers Rest, SC
Ryan F. – Greer, SC

"Thanks for calling us back to follow up. Things are going well. I really appreciate what you have done and how thoroughly you were on the installation and training. The dogs are adjusting well. I have referred someone to you. If anything changes I will let you know. Thanks again and I’ll talk to you later."

-- Ryan F. – Greer, SC
Jody B – Anderson, SC

"Dear Chuck, Thank you for coming to our home to activate my fence and help us with training our dog Lucy. It is amazing how much calmer she is since you worked with her. I will continue to practice the things you taught me. We went to the dog park this morning and Lucy played with four other dogs and did not jump on the owners. This is a big difference in just one day. We have practiced with the collar and she does not go near the blue flags. What a relief! To have a better behaved puppy. Thanks again."

-- Jody B – Anderson, SC
Peter L.

"I know my big dog intellectually knew about the new fence but I wasn’t sure he would know about the fence when his instincts took over. I owe Chuck Dubis with DOG GUARD a debt of gratitude. I came in the other night with my car lights on when I saw this rabbit-and there was my dog Right behind, both going full-bore towards the fence. OK, here’s the Test!The rabbit ran over the fence and I clutched the steering wheel. With the headlights on, it was like watching a movie in slow motion. As the rabbit flew over the fence about a foot off the ground, my Dog jammed on his breaks sliding right to the fence, kicked up some dirt after the rabbit and said: “This is My Area! Mine! if you EVER EVER come inside again you are a DEAD DEAD DEAD rabbit!”So right in front of me-he passed the instinct test!Chuck Dubis provided me with the product I needed as well as the training that only comes with experience!"

-- Peter L.
Bill & Doris J – Spartanburg, SC

"I am writing to express my complete satisfaction with my DOG GUARD product; but especially with the service provided by Chuck Dubis and his company. My system was originally installed in 1997 and has been quite satisfactory for all these 15 years.”"

-- Bill & Doris J – Spartanburg, SC
Richard – South Carolina

"I have a Boston terrier with the hardest head ever. If he got off the leash or out the door, he was gone. The money for the DOG GUARD Pet Fencing system was the best I have ever spent. It took one day to train him; my dog ran through the fencing twice with me turning up the effect each time he ran through it. He has never ran through the fencing a third time. I’m happy and my dog has the run of the yard. Ace is happy to. Now if I can just keep him out of the mulch."

-- Richard – South Carolina

"My name is Carlis. I wanted to thank DOG GUARD Pet Fencing for providing me the opportunity to work in a profession which I thoroughly enjoy. I have been with DOG GUARD for over (7) years. Every day I am able to get up and do something I enjoy. I look forward to meeting you, my customer. I give you my word I will provide excellent service, and provide you with the finest commercial pet containment system in America."

-- Carlis
Anna Hoeft, DVM – Simpsonville, SC

""I highly recommend DOG GUARD Pet Fencing company to my friends and clients for their pets. My initial experience with DOG GUARD in Rochester, NY and now in Simpsonville, SC has been excellent. Wonderful customer service and genuine concern for my pets’ safety and comfort! My 2 dogs (Weimaraner and Australian Shepherd) are quite headstrong and have responded beautifully to the system! Chuck Dubis has given excellent customer support. I highly recommend this company as they have been in business many years and are exceptionally knowledgeable about pet behavior as well as offering an excellent product."Anna Hoeft, DVM continues to practice Veterinary Medicine at the Animal Emergency Clinic in Greenville, SC. Anna continues to enjoy the benefits of a DOG GUARD Out of Sight fencing system at her new home in Simpsonville, SC."

-- Anna Hoeft, DVM – Simpsonville, SC
Abra B. – Clyde, NC

"I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our pet containment system. Wonderful customer service, excellent training, and an excellent product. It has been quite entertaining to watch our two pets. If our boxer hears a beep from our other dog’s receiver, she will back away from the area. Also, both pets were used to visiting our neighbor’s cows. Now, they just sit and look at the cows. Our neighbors have appreciated this as much as we have. I have never had to increase the intensity of the receiver, but it is nice to know I can if necessary. Again, thank you so much for the good service excellent product."

-- Abra B. – Clyde, NC
Ben & Bonnie B – Spartanburg, SC

"My wife and I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our DOG GUARD system. Our dog is a Rottweiler/golden retriever mix who now weighs over 100 lbs. He is a free spirited country dog and enjoys roaming the several acres of freedom he now has. Over the last six months or so, deer have come into the yard. He sits on the porch and very patiently the deer as they roam in our yard. When the deer leave, he starts to bark and goes to the edge of the fence, as if he wants them to stay. They have been doing this four or five times a week for several months. He won’t bark unless they leave the yard. Again, thank you for a great product, excellent customer service, superior training program, and your genuine concern for our pet."

-- Ben & Bonnie B – Spartanburg, SC
Scott and Amelia G – Greer, SC

"We purchased our fencing February, 2004. My husband and I have been extremely pleased. We have a very active 85lb lab and he has never left our property. Our line was accidentally cut by the cable company and we just didn’t call until one month has passed. Our pet never left the yard. When I called for service, the person who answered the phone was courteous and someone came to our home the same day. We would highly recommend this company to anyone. "

-- Scott and Amelia G – Greer, SC
Bob & Pam T. – South Carolina

"I wanted to let you know how we have enjoyed our DOG GUARD Pet Fencing. We have had your system for over 4 years and it has never given us any problems. On one occasion, our child had turned the fence off and it wasn’t noticed for a couple of weeks, but our pet never attempted to leave. I would highly recommend your company to anyone."

-- Bob & Pam T. – South Carolina
Pete and Lisa M. – Greenville, SC

"DOG GUARD has been great for our dog and the rest of the family. We worry less about “where’s the dog” and he has more freedom. We have been totally satisfied!"

-- Pete and Lisa M. – Greenville, SC
Gene and Peggy P. – Pacolet, SC

"Dear Chuck, we have had the DOG GUARD Pet Fencing system for exactly one year and we want to let you know how much we have enjoyed your system. Your training program was very helpful. Benzeis a miniature Italian Greyhound and he spends most of his time inside but constantly watching the cats which visit our neighborhood. When he sees one he expects us to let him outside and he will run to the end of our yard where he instantly stops. The cats just ignore him and slowly continue on their way. He is a joy to watch. Thank you for staying in touch with us during the year and thank you for our DOG GUARD System."

-- Gene and Peggy P. – Pacolet, SC
Ed O. – Hendersonville, NC

"Chuck, I wanted to thank you for the excellent work, good service, and excellent product you have provided us. We appreciate your follow up after the sale. We have had the DOG GUARD Pet Fencing System for approximately 1 year and our dog, Buddy, has never gone thru the fence. I was very satisfied with the training you provided. It was very helpful. Your helpful suggestions have allowed us to train Buddy to enter and exit the DOG GUARD containment system on command. Also, the indoor wireless unit allows us to keep Buddy in one area of the house without the use of a baby gate. What is really nice is the peace of mind we have knowing Buddy will stay in his yard."

-- Ed O. – Hendersonville, NC
Phillip C.

"Chuck, I just wanted to send you a note of thanks regarding the “OUT OF SIGHT” fence, that you installed for me. After purchasing our new dog, a Great White Pyrenees, I was very concerned due to the increased traffic on our road. I consulted a friend, and he recommended your service. I appreciate very much the care that you took with my yard to restore it, after installing the wire. Most of all, the training that you gave “Duke” was terrific, as he has not made an attempt to the road, since you left. That, of course, was my objective. The product is great, and the price is reasonable, for the satisfaction that I received. Thanks and good luck."

-- Phillip C.
John D. – Anderson, SC

"Thank you for the batteries. Chloe loves being in the yard and she is very observant of her boundaries. I have not seen her get shocked since the first day. Your training program was very effective. It is like you said, it is important not to scare your dog to death but at the same time make certain your pet respects the boundaries. We love the freedom and confidence DOG GUARD has given her AND us. A great investment!!"

-- John D. – Anderson, SC
Thad W. in Greer, SC

"If you're considering underground fencing technology, definitely considered DOG GUARD over the other invisible fence companies This guy is a pro and knows his stuff and is extremely responsive."

-- Thad W. in Greer, SC
Judy Gunderson

"We have had our system since November 1998. At the time we had two Dobermans and they adjusted very well to the "fence". We even had people walk past and comment on how well trained they were in not leaving the yard. We then had a Shepherd with long hair that tested it every day until we shaved her neck. Now we have another short haired Shepherd who has adjusted well. We had our first problem with a break just a few weeks ago, and she still didn't leave the yard, but was beginning to test the limits. Chuck came in and fixed the break in the line and she is right back in line with it. This is one of the best investments we ever made. We don't have to worry about any of our dogs leaving the yard, running away or worse yet, getting hit by a car. The only downside is other dogs getting in the yard, but our Sadie is very territorial and doesn't let that happen. I have recommended it to several people, and will continue to do so. "

-- Judy Gunderson
Kristi Lowry

"Have had Dog Guard system installed for a year, it's been excellent! We have a 145 pound Great Dane he has never once breached the boundary of our yard. I would highly recommend The Dog Guard system, Chuck was great with the training, and responded quickly to my questions several months after installation. "

-- Kristi Lowry
Alice Arrington

"Might be my second review, but we love our fence and the training we and our puppy received from Chuck Dubis. The fence has worked properly and the training ensured the success we have had over the last two months. It has eased our minds about our dog’s safety. Chuck is an excellent trainer and we do not regret our decision to use Dog Guard. "

-- Alice Arrington
Rosemary W. – Seneca, SC

"I liked the fact that he worked with our dog and took the time to explain to us what we needed to do to help our dog adjust. "

-- Rosemary W. – Seneca, SC
Richard C. – Easley, SC

"I saw your company on HomeAdvisor PRO and because of the excellent reviews I decided to call your company. My complements to you and your company. Great job. Showed up as promised. Performed work and charged the quoted price even though project was a little more than planned. Very knowledgeable when it comes to training dogs. Very thorough!"

-- Richard C. – Easley, SC

"HOORAY!! HOORAY!!And that you got to WITNESS that, Peter, is FANTASTIC…! Good job to ALL you fellows, Peter, Chuck at DOG GUARD and Patches himself… for creating this “second chance” with the DOG GUARD electric fence! This makes me so happy."

-- Suzi
Mike – Greer, SC

"Dear Chuck & Kendria,We will not be getting batteries on the current schedule. We have to put Scooter down this afternoon. We will eventually get another dog but for now our hearts have to heal. When the time comes, at what age will we be able to train a new pup/young dog? We will need to mark the wire again and get a new collar. Thanks for making Scooters life more enjoyable than being in a fenced in yard."

-- Mike – Greer, SC
Ernie and Christie N. – Anderson, SC

"The most wonderful thing you can ever buy for an animal. I told my wife not to spend the money in the beginning but she persisted and I agreed to proceed based on your BBB report and after speaking with you. You gave me your word that this system would contain our dog or we would receive a full refund. This has turned out to be the best money I have ever spent on our dog. One of my friends installed his own system and his dog breaks thru his system. I have recommended your commercial system to several of my friends and impressed on them that underground electronic fencing systems are different. The DOG GUARD Out of Sight fencing system really works."

-- Ernie and Christie N. – Anderson, SC
Jon and Bonnie B. – Seneca, SC

"The installation of the DOG GUARD fencing system has been the greatest investment we have made in years! The peace of mind it brings knowing that our dog can be outside while we are away for the day (playing golf, shopping, visiting friends, etc) and we don’t have to hurry home to let him out, is a game changer. We used to have to cut our activities short to run home to attend to our pet, not now. He is happy and we are too! And if that isn’t enough, we no longer have to put a coat on and get the leash for that last outing at night or the first one in the morning, rain or shine, we simply open the door and let him out. At first we were skeptical. He likes to chase chipmunks, the neighbors cats, other dogs that are walked by our driveway by neighbors. He still chases chipmunks and our neighbors cats, but only as far as those little blue flags, which are now gone. Then he stops, turns around and finds something else to do. We are very pleased with the system, the installation work and training of our pet, the cost, and of course with the results we are seeing every day. "

-- Jon and Bonnie B. – Seneca, SC
Sherri C. – Forest City, NC

"Thank you for your advise. You have provided us with an excellent product and along the way given us great customer service. I just love it. My chocolate lab was digging under the fence and wire and other measures just did not work. This is the best thing. I couldn’t do without it."

-- Sherri C. – Forest City, NC
Dave and Joanne B. – Mills River, NC

"A little history: After the loss of Belle, our special Chesapeake/Chocolate Lab mix, we vowed that because of our age, and the fact that we had purchased a home in a retirement subdivision with many rules, one of which was no fences, leash laws, small to medium dogs only, (we got special permission to move in with Belle because of her age) etc., that we would not get another large dog and just enjoy our 8 year old, 12 lb. shiatsu/ Chihuahua mix. However, after watching my husband get quiet and actually tearful every time there was a commercial, show, or magazine with a Lab on it, we got Emily! He had always wanted a Black Lab, we had no idea how high strung they were. We found ourselves with a big dog, small yard, rules we had to follow and elderly neighbors that we did not want our big puppy to knock down or terrorize. This is more a THANK YOU than it is a testimonial. We had actually toured with a realtor and were thinking of moving just to get a fenced yard and a place for Emily to run and play. It has been great for her to be outside with us. Our yard is small but even if she is running after a rabbit she will not pass the boundary that was established in your helpful training program. We love our neighbors and where we live and your system allowed us to not give up our home or our beloved Black Lab."

-- Dave and Joanne B. – Mills River, NC
John M – Greenville, SC

"As you know, I recently purchased another receiver from your company for our new pet, a cocker spaniel. You asked me to comment on our experience with the DOG GUARD Out of Sight Fencing system since we have had your product for (8 1/2) years. I can state without any hesitation that I would gladly recommend your company to a friend or relative. Your product has proven to be reliable and your service is prompt, reasonable and dependable. We have had to have your service on (2) occasions, and this has been because of work we were having done in our yard."

-- John M – Greenville, SC
Sherri C. – Forest City, NC

"Dear DOG GUARD, I am writing to let you know how satisfied I am with our new pet containment system. The quality and promptness of your work was very good. Your experience was evident when it came to training Lucy and Sadie. We appreciate your professionalism.This has truly been the greatest thing we have ever bought. To know that we can let our dogs out and not worry. We would be happy to recommend you and your company to anyone."

-- Sherri C. – Forest City, NC
Toni W. – Simpsonville, SC

"Our schnauzer has recently been diagnosed with diabetes and a little dementia. She has been wandering off lately and today she went much further than usual. My 6 year old son followed her to try and catch her. He didn’t know how to get home from another street they were on and he was in someone’s driveway crying. Luckily some other neighbors I know found him and brought them home. This was a real wake up call."

-- Toni W. – Simpsonville, SC
Fran F – Greer, SC

"I have had DOG GUARD Out of Sight Fencing for the past 10 years. Our black Labrador retriever has done really well with this system. She respects the boundaries and has not DOG GUARD Lab challenged the fencing. Chuck Dubis has provided excellent customer service. Being on the quarterly battery plan has been a time saver. I would recommend this to anyone."

-- Fran F – Greer, SC
Dan Cagle – Greenville, SC

"Chuck, As you know we wanted the fence to contain our young Saluki. In case some of your readers are not familiar with the breed, the AKC has them as one of the oldest breed of dogs known. They date back to over 4,000 BC. The Pharaohs used the Saluki’s for hunting Gazelle’s. The Saluki’s hunt in packs and run the Gazelle down … that is fast!!! Our Saluki flew through the barrier the first time we had her out and right back through it to get back into the yard; we all thought we had a lost cause and that there was no way we would ever get this dog to stay inside the barrier. Thanks to your creative ideas and patience with both me and our Saluki, we managed to get her to respect the barrier. We have had our fence now for six months and Susie Saluki has never gone outside of the barrier again; this includes a time when a deer ran across our back yard about 30 feet in front of Susie. Every time we let Susie out she goes to the corner of the back deck and looks for that darn deer!!! Thanks Chuck; what a great team: you and DOG GUARD"

-- Dan Cagle – Greenville, SC
Ken S. family – Greer, SC

"I just wanted to thank you for your attention to detail and getting Grandpa’s devoted companion trained to the DOG GUARD Pet Fencing system. We visit with dad on a daily basis, and although he is becoming forgetful, he always tells us that this was the best money he has ever spent. Thanks again for all you have done."

-- Ken S. family – Greer, SC
Patrice and Skip T.

"We have a large yard in Highlands, NC and have a perimeter DOG GUARD fence. LOVE IT!!! Allows us to even leave them outside during the warmer months while we are gone for the day. Makes the dogs very happy, which makes us happy parents!!! Also, no problems with our dogs wondering into the neighbors yard!!! Highly recommended!! Very friendly company to do business with! Thank you DOG GUARD."

-- Patrice and Skip T.
Christine – Blue Ridge, SC

"You had asked for my experience with DOG GUARD to add to Facebook. I would say the following: After years of multiple futile attempts with various collars and fences, I had given up on fencing my German Shepherd. However, when I spoke to you and you assured me the DOG GUARD commercial system was considerably stronger than any system on the market, I tried them. I couldn’t believe it when they actually got her trained, and now we have gotten two more puppies and are having them trained in the fence as well. I could not have done it without DOG GUARD and you Chuck. Now at night, when we can hear a fox and her cubs barking loudly near our home, I know that our German Shepherd has them roused, but she can’t quite get to them. Meanwhile, the two puppies in the kennel outside see and hear all of that going on. It is good to know that they will stay on our property once fully trained, even with all the wildlife around us."

-- Christine – Blue Ridge, SC

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