University Internship Agreement Form

As soon as the faculty link approves the AIA, the coordinator of university internships will request that the registrations and registration record the internship corresponding to your program. There is no need to authorize and register group internships. The procedure for authorising internships can last up to two weeks after the AIA is presented to the training office (longer during the summer months and semester holidays). It is the student`s responsibility to plan and meet financial assistance, diploma, registration or other deadlines. Incomplete, inaccurate or ill-made contractual forms are returned, resulting in delays in the authorization process. If you decide to offer an internship to a Silicon Valley student, the next step is really between your company and the intern. Most companies create a labour agreement that defines a number of key issues: most companies also have employees who sign a standard confidentiality agreement, either as part of the agreement or as a supplementary document. Here is an example of a letter that could be helpful. All material in [brackets] needs to be processed: most internships have three to four learning strategies. These relate to the activities you will carry out to achieve the objective indicated in the declaration of competency.

At the end of the internship, each of them is assessed by the supervisor/evaluator and considered excellent, good, appropriate, partially sufficient or insufficient. Be sure to include what you read (including titles and authors) or check who you can interview (a person or population) or what projects or procedures are included in the internship. Learning strategies must provide proof of theoretical learning. They must also contain all the results required in the specific guidelines for universities/departments (for example: group meetings/seminars, bibliography, reading journal or summary document). Employers in some countries will ask you to enter into an internship contract (Convention de Stage, Convenio de Colaboracion) before starting your internship. France and Spain are examples of countries where these agreements are necessary as part of the recruitment process. Careers Service worked with the university`s legal department to establish this university-approved internship contract. We are happy to sign this for you on behalf of the university. Oral interview, written test, performance test, situational observation, product evaluation, paper/reflective test, logging or evaluation scale. This also includes all requirements set out in the university/department-specific guidelines, such as group/seminar meetings, bibliography, measurement minutes, summary document or follow-up tests.

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